Machete Moments

By Doug Otto

By Doug Otto

Machete Moments–A Turnaround Manager: From Burned Out at 54 to Turned On for the next Eighteen Years is a biography of my 34-year as a crisis manager.  I have changed the names of people, places, and organizations to protect the privacy of those who have been a part of my life.

My alter ego, Joseph Paul Camarte spent thirty-four years as a successful leader of turnarounds, startups, and other business and community crises. The first half of his career was in manufacturing as a plant manager and a COO. Toward the end of Joe’s manufacturing career he became severely depressed. Then he made the transition to become CEO of a non-profit organization. Here he also led turnarounds and recoveries from other crises. But rather than becoming depressed, Joe found that he was working for half the money and getting ten times the fulfillment as before. Joe is exuberant as he proclaims, “It was a great trade” There is a chance that this book could be a catalyst to helping you to a life of creating your own Machete Moments.


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