Doug Otto

I’ve been there!

  • Over 50 and looking for a job.
  • Severely depressed to the point of considering suicide because of my work.
  • Led the turnaround a manufacturing plant with a world market beset by violent labor-management conflict that led to poor quality, productivity, delivery, and red ink by the gallon.
  • Led the turnaround a manufacturing company with a national market that was on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Managed the startup of the above company’s first plant away from its headquarters and then only plant. The company owned a 95% share if its unique market with five primary customers. Only after I was on the job did I find out that deliveries were two and three times published lead times and quality was unacceptable. Every customer was seeking another source. We performed a startup and a turnaround simultaneously.
  • President of a local United Way whose fund raising had stagnated due to community apathy and lack of credibility.  In this positions , I took on several other roles as they became necessary:
  • Brought together 33 non-profit human service organization into three buildings on an 8-acre campus that became the United Way Center.  This facilitated much needed collaboration collaboration among those agencies on behalf of thousands of people in need of services.
  • Managed the rebuild from a $5 million fire that destroyed our main office building.  
  • Community director of long-term recovery from a 500-year flood that destroyed or seriously damaged 10% of the homes in the county.

I grew up in Parkersburg, West Virginia and graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Cincinnati. I led various organizations as plant manager, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer. Whether I was working at a manufacturing plant or nonprofit organization, I prided myself on turning around troubled businesses. Following my retirement from United Way in 2012, I stayed on half-time to manage the property that was renamed the Doug Otto United Way Center.


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